Jeri k Tory Conklin

At Waters Edge

Have you ever wondered what happens to a lost love? Have you ever wanted to find a way to reconnect with them years later? Would they be the same as you had known them or would you find they had changed?

That happened to me once, our story is below. I let him go actually, he was brilliant and needed elsewhere. There were so many days I waited for him to return as he had promised, but he never did, at least not while I was alive. I stayed earthbound in spirit waiting for him, praying he would return. Then one day it happened, he appeared at water’s edge. Seeing him one last time, I could now leave to return home to heaven, content, knowing he still thought about me. Our time together had not been wasted.

Ever have one of “those loves?” May you all find him/her once again to let them know what they meant to you.

(Italics – Me; no italics – Him)

I saw you today – standing at water’s edge, looking out at the sea. The sun was just beginning to set. Were you waiting for me? How did you know I’d be here? The breeze played ever so slightly with your hair, standing it on end – The way I like it. Your white, high collared shirt opened down your chest, exposing a well-built body. Pants rolled up for wading, your suntanned legs dance as the cool water rushes upon the sand. Loafers and jacket wrapped in the crook of your arm.

It has been a long time. What brought you back to this secluded stretch of beach?


What Happens to A Lost Love?

           “It has been a long time. What brought you back to this secluded stretch of beach?

        “You did,” he said.  A smile crossed his face ever so slightly. Are you remembering? What is it you remember? This beach where I first met you – the endless days and endless nights? This beach where we spent hours chasing each other only to flop in exhaustion upon the sand? “Our first kiss” he says pointing to a cove underneath a shelf of cliff rocks. “Mostly I remember all the good times and memories of you. The one I let get away.”

         “I only remember you pushing me away.

        “I had to push you away, it never would have worked. We were so different you and I.”

       “Yes, different in social status, but we were also so much in love.

       “That we were – so much in love. I’m moving on again; my work is taking me east. I just wanted to stop by before I left and say ‘good-bye.’ I don’t know when or if, I’ll ever be back.”

        “I know when you’ll be back.I said smiling.

        “When?” you say allowing that smile to overtake itself and let loose with a chuckle.

       “When your heart gets so lonely for the only place you felt safe and you hunger for the one person you felt the safest with … then you’ll be back.”

       “Will you be here?”

       “I’m always here, can’t you feel me?”

       “The funny thing is, I do feel you.”

       “Then close your eyes and wrap your arms around me, I’m with you always.”

His loafers and jacket fell into the wave’s foam as his strong arms wrapped around me once more. I felt as if I had come home, and I never wanted to leave his embrace or say good-bye. I would always love this man. Even across time, he still held a piece of my heart and I held a piece of his, and we always would.


at waters edge