Jeri k Tory Conklin

Conversing with a Rooster Named ‘Big Red’

Have you ever wondered how to go about learning to communicate with the spirit world? The opportunities are available in the most unusual places if you only look, and sometimes you will find them through the most unusual circumstances. Big Red was the biggest rooster I have ever seen. He was a cocky rooster for sure and exactly what I needed to validate my ability to communicate with those in the world that had no audible voice.

I invite you read my story and ask yourself what it would be like to talk with Big Red. You don’t have a rooster? Why not try it on your dog, your cat, the gorgeous tree in your back yard, that rock that glistens in the sun…your choices are limitless. Close your eyes and see who it is you want to talk with. Then start asking them questions. You can speak out loud or silently with your mind. Then, the most important part – listen! Listen to that still small voice you hear in your soul.

          Big Red is still around in the spirit world, give him a quick call. Tell him I sent you, he will remember me, I guarantee. Then let me know how you did. I’ll gladly answer any questions you might have, or assist you any way I am able.

“Writer” 07/20/2022

Where to begin your journey with communications from the Spirit World and your own backyard.

The lack of encouragement by my peers, of my abilities to speak with the animals and other Spirit children in my early childhood, caused me to spend the first forty-five years of my life feeling that I was an outcast for what I knew to be truth. It would take an Animal Communication Workshop with Dawn Hayman, and a rooster named “Big Red”, to tell me otherwise.

In May, 1995, I saw an article in one of my Dressage magazines about Dawn Hayman of Spring Farms, New York. Dawn was an animal communicator–she talked with animals and got paid for it! Finally, I had found someone else who talked to animals. Dawn was giving a workshop in Boise, Idaho, and I was lucky enough to be a last minute add-in. My line of thinking was– take the workshop, get certified, be legitimate, and no one can say I am crazy, because I have the certificate to prove I can indeed talk with animals.

I told no one at the workshop that I talked to animals or Spirit children, to rocks, trees, and other things of this world. I acted as if I were learning this as a new ability. The class required us to go out with our newly obtained resource (telepathy), sit down, and wait for one of the many farm animals to come up and begin a conversation. We would then report back to the group what the animal said.

Big Red (1)

I did as I was told, hoping to speak with one of the llamas that roamed the yard. There I sat, under a beautiful tree waiting and waiting…just waiting. Then, from underneath an azalea bush, I heard, “Come on in and join me.” I lay on my stomach in the wet earth and inched my way under the limbs of the bush. I came eye to beak with the biggest Rhode Island Red rooster I had ever seen. I felt tiny in comparison to him. “I suppose you are disappointed that I’m just an old rooster and not a llama. Why are you here anyway?” he said.

          Time pressing, I gave him the short version: “To become legitimate in the eyes of society. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for talking to animals.”

          “Do you think you are crazy?” he asked.

           “No, I know I’m not crazy.”

We talked for another fifteen minutes until the gong called us back into the workshop.

Dawn had everyone tell their experience with the different animals. I didn’t know at the time that Dawn was checking in with the animal to confirm the conversation. Everyone had really great stories. Most of the animals had been kind and supportive, thus, great first-time experiences. When it came my turn, I decided not to tell of my encounter with the red rooster. What started out well enough had not been pretty as “Big Red” called me out for every communication mistake I had ever made when talking to animals in the past. So instead, I spun a tale of beauty about my conversation with Big Red. People rolled in laughter.

Then Dawn said “Nice try,” and told everyone almost verbatim the conversation I had with Big Red. She had known all along that I had prior experience with animals. Later, when I apologized to Dawn, I found out that Big Red was one of the farm animals she depended on at every workshop. Dawn had checked in with Big Red when she found out I had made contact.

The message I took away from Big Red that weekend was to never doubt myself or my abilities. I had the gift of communication with animals and the spirit world and there was no shame. I was to use this gift to honor the animals and spirits.