Jeri k Tory Conklin


I believe pennies found on sidewalks and parking lots are sent from heaven by a loved one who has passed over who loved and was thinking of me. Through the years I have found quite a few pennies and dimes. Each time, I glance up to heaven with a big smile and say “thank you.”

          What do you do when you find pennies or other coins on the sidewalk? Do you consider that perhaps on of your loved ones in heaven has sent it? Do you think some person dropped it by accident?

          Next time you find a coin on the sidewalk, road, wherever, look up at heaven and ask any of your relatives that have passed if they sent it to you. Perhaps they just want you to know they are safe and that you are very much loved.


When my friend was in his final stages of passing, I asked him to send me a sign, a BIG sign, one I couldn’t miss, that he had passed and made it to heaven. In Kernville, California, Sunday, the 28th of February, my sister and I stopped at the Kern River Brewery to have lunch. Walking towards the front door I felt guided to look in the parking spot on my right and there, in the middle space, lay a HUGE pile of the shiniest pennies I’ve ever seen! I ran over and started gathering them up. My sister came to help and started giving them away to people who had stopped to watch.



          I hollered at her and said, “NO, these are from my friend, he has crossed over and this is his sign to me that he made it and all is well.”

Of course, everyone thought me crazy! Still, for me, there could be no other explanation for this many shiny pennies all in one spot. Several people had gone in right in front of us and had the pennies been there when they walked through that same parking spot, they would have stepped on them.

I filled my purse and asked for those back from the people to whom my sister had given them. There were 150 brand new shiny pennies! Why he sent 150 pennies I’ll never know. Perhaps sometimes friends just love you more than family!

The moral of the story is to feel loved no matter how many pennies you find.