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The dictionary says a patriot is someone who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

 After finishing my latest book: When Spirits Speak: A Gathering of Heroes – U.S. Soldiers – The Cost of Freedom (10th Anniversary – 2nd Edition), I realized I had forgotten an essential part of the message: We can all be Patriots in our own right. But, unfortunately, maybe we can’t serve our country via the military path or become first responders now.

  • • Did you or someone in your own family have to fight for our freedom?
  • • How does it affect you today?
  • • What was it one was fighting for in their search for freedom? A land of their own – or someplace to call “home.”
  • • A place where they can belong? Belong to what?
  • • What is the “American Dream?”
  • • What are the freedoms one is willing to give up for that dream?
  • • What will that dream cost you?
  • • What is it you are willing to leave behind to attain that dream?
  • • Who do you do it for? Yourself? Your ego? Your family? Your country? Your soul?
  • • What if there was no cost? What would that picture look like? How would that story read?
  • • What would you do if somebody took all of our freedoms away tomorrow? Where would you go?
  • • Once you have tasted freedom, what would you sacrifice to keep it?
  • • Is it just an “American’s dream, or one belonging to all mankind?”

Perhaps you have time to spend in a veterans’ hospital reading to veterans whose life’s journey is slowly ending or listening as they share their thoughts and stories. If you have a Department of Veterans Affairs in your town, they welcome volunteers for whatever time you can share. Of course, if you can’t spare your time, donations are always welcome.

While you may never go and serve your country in the military or service field, your prayers and donations to veteran organizations will touch a soldier, first responder, or peacekeeper somewhere. In addition, you can give back in many ways as a Patriot by volunteering at one of many charitable organizations, military-affiliated non-government organizations, senior living facilities, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. All of which run on volunteer services of your time. 

          Ultimately, I leave you with the most challenging question: “Would you be like the Patriot Paul Revere and ‘borrow the horse’”?       

Now you need to read my book to find out what is meant by: “borrow the horse.”

Piece by piece – When the Picture Emerges

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