There Must Be Ancestors—Following the Path Of The Song Not Heard

For those readers who are just drawn to my blogs, I have been journaling every morning with the theme “There Must Be . . .” in my search for my future beach town/home. Sometimes, I pull the elements from my “100 Beach Devotions” book, and other times, from the words of another. This morning’s journal entry reads, “There Must Be Ancestors . . .” inspired by my longtime friend Pamelia Cannataro.

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How many of you have thought about your ancestors? How many generations back have you researched? I can go back 10 generations, and then it gets muddy. My 23 and Me DNA report says I return to Neanderthal as I carry a small percentage of Neanderthal blood. Tracking my ancestors back that far would be impossible on paper anyway. But then I was gifted by Spirit with the ability to communicate with the spirit world. We all have this gift, and only a few use it. Why is that? There are far too many reasons for me to go into here. Suffice it to say that when you believe you can, you will, too.

          Perhaps Pamelia was reminding me to listen for the song beyond Neanderthal, the voices that whisper of our true beginnings—“From Sea to shining sea . . .” words from America The Beautiful speaking of our East to West Coast shores. Maybe our birth song as well. From the sea we were created, to the sea we return to pass. Born into this lifetime – “to follow the path of the song not yet heard. Untold callings by female ancestors blowing softly in the westward bound current . . .” Is that the song of my soul? I’ve been hearing a few musical notes here and there . . . are they teasers to entice me forward on a journey of yet another discovery? What lessons do they hold and beg to be shared in my time remaining?

My ancestors have come a long way with me in this lifetime. My path has not been easy, and it has taken many twists and turns that I never saw coming. Or maybe I did see them coming and diverted quickly in a different direction, so I didn’t have to encounter them right then. At some point in these last few years, I feel as if I have walked alone. I have felt deserted by both worlds, lost in the thought of physicality and illness—days when I have fought to stand and just put two feet on the ground. And then I’ll hear a note or two of a song I have not yet heard. When I am quiet enough to hear, I remember that I am NEVER alone—while I may not see them physically standing in front of me, my gift of “sight” sees spirits hovering around me ALL THE TIME! I have threatened to get a sign made that reads “Spirit Parking” to hang outside the bathroom door. And yet, I know how blessed I am to have them with me, guiding me, encouraging me to keep going, reminding me my job in this lifetime is not finished, and supporting me when I fall.

Each time, I hear a few more notes to their song. I am reminded the ancestors walk with us every step of the way, calling us to remember – they made the way for us to continue walking West to that Ocean upon whose shores we will hear their song – for when we have arrived at the end of our journey – it will be time to pass the torch to those who come after; those who have also heard the song but don’t know why they heard it. It is now their time to carry on the lineage and legacy of finding the song of their ancestors.

Thank you, Pamelia, for reminding me to find the beach where I hear the ancestors’ song. There must be ancestors and I must be able to hear the song not heard.


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