I pulled the Gaia Gateway Activation card – Learning Experiences. Wisdom transmission. Earth Intelligence (Gateway of Light Activation Oracle deck, Kyle Gray). Thus began a conversation with Mother Earth this morning.

Did you know that our earth is a highly spiritual, intelligent, and aware being? Do you realize that no matter what has been done to her, she has managed to survive and thrive?

Gaia had several messages for me due to my reading: Trust the “plan.” While I travel to the stars looking for the answers – the planet I call “home” has much to offer. I have chosen to be here. Learn from her strength; yearn for a better future. Come back to her; she is my chosen home for this physical lifetime. Honor her daily with gratitude and thankfulness.

Sharing a further communication
direct from Mother Earth herself:

I AM the physical aspect of all that is – the solid structure that connects the matrix, the web of life; I AM an illusion to all who see me as a separate entity surrounded by emptiness. There is nothing empty in this universe. All of space is teaming with life. As a part of me, you are a part of the “all.”

          Your blood, the blood of your ancestors, runs deep within my soil. Their dreams are safe with me now. I know their stories – the stories they told themselves and the stories they told for others to hear. A lifetime is just that, after all – a collection of stories – stories of who we are and why we are who we are.

I exist so that you may exist. If there were no planet Earth, where would we all be? Who would we be? As you walk upon my breast today, remember to thank me for remaining strong through all I have experienced and all that is still to come. Destroy the earth – destroys her people. Destroy her children, and she, too, will die.

mother earth

This is our “home” for this moment in time, and I ask you to honor her wishes and remember to be thankful for Her every day.

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