MIndset - Random Stories

One More Trip Around the Sun

How did you spend the last year preparing for this year’s birthday? Same old, same old? Just getting by? At some point, it will catch up with you, and you will have to open the wounds, reframe the stories, and forgive your inner child and yourself. Why not do it for your next birthday?

MIndset - Random Stories


I pulled the Gaia Gateway Activation card – Learning Experiences. Wisdom transmission. Earth Intelligence (Gateway of Light Activation Oracle deck, Kyle Gray). Thus began a conversation with Mother Earth this morning.

Did you know that our earth is a highly spiritual, intelligent, and aware being? Do you realize that no matter what has been done to her, she has managed to survive and thrive?

Memories - Random Stories

It’s Okay Now to Remember Our Stories

I learned today to look backward with my eyes and see what was behind me. (No turning your eyes – just look from within). It’s okay to remember what those shattered pieces of our stories are. Hold them close to your heart and thank them for the lessons you learned as you grew your soul.

Random Stories

Learning to Fly

It wasn’t a decision she took lightly, but one she felt she had to make for herself. Her Guardian Angel was with her as she stood before me. I hugged her, knowing she had made the most grown-up adult decision she would ever make in this lifetime – giving up her child.